Home > 23/02/2017 – SFAG report for 2015

2015 was a busy year for the Sea Fishery Advisory Group.

John Daly left the organisational side of things to return to fishing. I attended all four quarterly meetings of the NWWAC and reports were forwarded after. Also I attended the Other Interests Group meeting in Brussels in January. Ed Fahy accompanied me to the meeting in Bilbao which he found very interesting. I attended the Pillar plenaries as ISS rep. I met with the marine Institute on a number of occasions as a member of the marine group of the IEN to get advice on fish stocks. The SFAG itself met on a number of occasions to discuss ongoing issues such as the Galway Bay salmon farms and the proposed Dumping of dredge spoil in Dublin bay. There were two meetings of the seal depredation group (a fisheries/science group organised by the Maine Institute). The marine group of the IEN also held a number of meeings, issues such as the OPMC were discussed.
I attended a number of NE RIFF and NE FLAG meetings. There were a number of meetings with representatives of ELIG to discuss Marine Mammal by-catch in fisheries and prepare a complaint to submit to the Commission on this issue. This is still ongoing.

The dead seal database is ongoing and public response varies, sometime we get a batch of reports all at once, sometimes all quiet for a couple of months but we get the word out on socil media as often as we can.

Johnny Woodlock