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At the request of cetacean freedom advocates ISS lent it’s support to stopping Seaworld’s proposed new Orca facility. ISS has a long record in this going back to time of “fall back” plan for Keiko’s release, if Iceland baulked; Bertie Ahern’s agreement to assist cetacean freedom candidates of North Atlantic origin to Lolita etc.

The California Coastal Commission has signaled the end of Orca captivity, in allowing the new development but banning reproduction or further intake. The next step is to win the argument to transfer these and other Orcas to Sea cages for evaluation for release. Lolita of another facility in Miami is the next most attractive candidate for release…. The ISS through it’s volunteers and embassies continues to make the case against captivity and for sanctuaries……and URGES IRISH HOLIDAYMAKERS TO CONTINUE VOTING WITH THEIR FEET AND NOT SUPPORT CAPTIVE FACILITIES FOR DOLPHINS OR WHALES.

This battle is being WON !!

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