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As in the heady days of seminal animal operations on meagre resources, trying to keep lights on, pups alive and volunteers fed, watered, warm and rested, much the same mindset and work ethic for initiative, improvisation and “can do” attitude still applies. The only thanks is a job well done, best you can.

Volunteers for this phase need to bring new skills to old board and network, to accommodate animal handlers and interface with the ever curious and supportive public. Volunteers continue to be the ambassadors for seals and marine wildlife, empowering and engaging public in protection of World’s 1st Protected Wild species, wildlife and their own environment.Lynn_training Tafsit

Volunteers are most useful , if they commit to specific tasks, time and deliverables. If interested and think you can help or wish to discuss further use this email address or phone 087 3245423 till volunteer co-ordinator in place.

Congeniality, collegiality and sociability are among the enduring traits of ISS volunteers trying to assist seals and people in difficult circumstances.

The 3 words “Irish Seal Sanctuary” describe everything we are and you are entering a space, where your life is no longer governed by day and night, but Moon and Tide and the demands of these “Orphans of the Sea”.

You will be welcomed all around the Coast and throughout Ireland for the work you undertake and while you give your all, you will receive much in return. There is no competition here to be the best at anything, but you are expected always to give of your best! Sharing and caring with the least of creatures, is the name of the game! …and there are many ways to contribute!

Whatever happens, you will never again look at the “Full Moon, with a Rising Tide and the Wind behind it ” and not think of Grey Seals.

Bon Voyage!

On a practical note, the following documents provide useful information about the Grey Seal, the Harbour Seal and a basic code for their conservation:

Grey Seal profile

Harbour Seal profile

Conservation code

Being a Volunteer: The Video