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Volunteers, the Building Blocks…..

iss-posterAfter over 30 years of service, involving volunteers by their thousands, pioneering, establishing and developing wildlife rehabilitation in Ireland, the Irish Seal Sanctuary (ISS) is embarked on it’s most ambitious phase to date……to provide a secure facility and halfway house for wildlife in distress (in particular seals) ; work and training opportunities for animal handlers, scientists ,researchers and multiple skills in support of welfare and conservation; and a free access visitor facility for folk of all ability to engage with wildlife and wild.

While still providing emergency rescue, advisory, support and referral services for distressed seals and responders, with training on location, the greater need now is for builders, fund raisers and administrators. The ISS was built stone on stone , seal on seal much as  San Damiano in Brother Sun , Sister Moon and no less effort is now required to finally bring project to fruition on own independent site.

Opportunities and Skills Required:

Experienced company and charity board members
Fund raisers with knowledge and experience of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Experienced Secretary to board
Project team to support site development.
Volunteer co-ordinator to build volunteer database, provide support and supervision and liaise with volunteer agencies.
Project managers and assistants to sustain and develop outreach in areas of fisheries ; cetacean captivity; ecotourism;
biodiversity walks and talks; education; conference attendances etc…..
Experienced computer literate assistant to CEO.
Flying Column co-ordinator for beach head operations and rescues. ( see protocol)
Purchasing officer
P.R. person and media contact.
Research officer.
Creative and scientific writers and artists
These and other positions applicants might identify will need in most cases to work from own home/facilities and meeting venues till site can be  occupied

Some volunteers:

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