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Quite the opposite of his tall, towering and druidic appearance, Dick Warner was among the most accessible of Green Giants, with time for everyone, patiently sharing his experience and wisdom with us all.

In our current Anthropocene extinction, Dick’s broadcast voice was calm and re-assuring that all would be well , if we but followed good ecological practice, principles and stewardship.

Among trees, by waterways and on the sea his voice still resonates among natural sounds.

Humble and serene always, though elevated by wisdom and insight, Dick appeared to levitate among us evoking awe and reactions of wonder ” that one small head could carry all he knew “.

Dick was activist, teacher and poet all in one. Never loud or gregarious on “matters of importance”, profundities, measured and precious, issued from him, like the clear crystal source of a mountain stream, born out of bedrock.

At one point he advised us (paraphrasing here) peace and ecological stability would reign , only when conflict between settled folk and nomads ( migrants, refugees) would reign. How important now we revert to his many advices and celebrate his deep and heartfelt wisdom.

Thanks Dick from the Irish Seal Sanctuary for thoughtfully looking in on us from time to time and each time leaving us that little bit the wiser.

Dick was godfather to many emergent groups and causes, all enriched to this day by his  time generously given.

Not one for buzz words of sustainability, sustainable development and multiple acronyms, Dicks gems were well used everyman words, linked together in poetic form for all.
“Friend to all the World”, fearless contrarian when required, may he have everlasting peace.

We will miss Dick.