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Wildlife Rehabilitation is the new front-line of wildlife protection and conservation of environment, directly engaging public with responsibility for their neighbours of other species, shared habitat and environment.

The ISS has for 30 years  been to the forefront of this effort, nationally and internationally, as pioneers and practitioners of the  3Rs (Rescue, Rehabilitation, Release), it’s volunteers in effect in the role of planetary healers, bridging gaps evolved over time between humanity and environment.

It has been our privilege to work with and provide a half-way house for wildlife in distress, most especially Grey seals, the world’s first protected species, from which history and experience, much can be learned of conflict and harmony in our natural world.

The ISS has reared and nursed over 1000 seals and other wildlife over 30 years, pioneered the 3 Rs of wildlife in Ireland and provided bridgehead for other species, responders and practitioners. Hundreds of volunteers have passed through, developing and honing their skills and going on to establish further services to wildlife.

The ISS was co-founder of the Irish Whale and Dolphin Sanctuary; designed co-sponsored and built Courtown’s seal facilities; with UCD Veterinary School developed a Veterinary website for seal treatment and oiled bird responses, works on sustainable fisheries at E.U and national level, and engages in research, outreach and training with multiple agencies. One of our first volunteers and animal managers has established “Irish Wildlife Matters”, developing capacity for other wildlife. Others work to improve stranded cetacean responses; oiled bird responses; developing a “Dead Seal Database”.

It is now the objective of the ISS after 30 years and it’s legacy of  3Rs for wildlife well established to provide a permanent Sanctuary, home and centre of excellence for Grey Seals and wildlife rehabilitation, providing research, learning and training opportunities for young people and a free access visitor facility for people of all ability to engage with wildlife and their environment. We again need your help to complete this mission.

The Irish Seal Sanctuary is an Irish limited company (Reg. No.  239396). ISS memorandum and articles of association can be downloaded here: ISS_Memo_Articles. The Board of Directors can be found here: Board of Directors

Involvement with other organisations:

The Irish Seal Sanctuary is active nationally and internationally in marine conservation and is a member of the following organisations:

ISS is a member of the Irish Environmental Network (IEN) https://ien.ie.

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