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Listed below are the present members of the Board of Directors of Irish Seal Sanctuary, with a brief resume:

Brendan Price, Founder, Biologist, Wildlife Advocate: B.Ag.Sc., M.I.Biol.I.: brendan priceBrendan was trained as an agricultural Scientist. He is a member of the Institute of Biology. He envisioned the Irish Seal Sanctuary and has been running the Seal Sanctuary since 1986.



Mary Price, Founder, Wildlife advocate. Founder member and director of Imary-pricerish Seal Sanctuary from earliest beginnings and nascent predecessor, Skerries Marine Watch. As well as nursing dozens of seals, she also acted as maitre d’hi and confidante to local and international volunteers.


Eric Cole, Zoologist, Toronto Zoo: B.Comm, Eric works as a zoo keeper in Toronto Zoo. He has degrees from UCD and TCD in Zoology and English. He is also the Wildlife Care Manager at Toronto Zoo, with  34 years of experience in animal care. Eric has a keen interest in conservation and connecting people to Nature. He is also a well-known wildlife poet (ref.  Man and Beast/Insomniac Press). He is poet laureat to AZAK, the American Professional Organisation for Zookeepers. He is a recognised birdwatcher in Ireland and Canada.


Patrick Pollock, Veterinary Surgeon, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Glasgow. Patrick has been interested in conservation and wildlife since childhood and has devoted apatrick considerable amount of his veterinary career to practising and teaching wildlife rehabilitation. He first became involved with the ISS while working at UCD and took part in the the first surgical procedure to be performed on a rehabilitated seal in Ireland. He is a diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Surgeons and has published and spoken on wildlife and exotic medicine and surgery. He lives in Scotland with his family. Patrick’s clinical interests include all aspects of surgery and he is interested in the use of telemedicine to improve the veterinary response to wildlife casualties.

Felix Soden, Retired Teacher/Historian/Editor and Author: Retired  secondary  teacher of felix-photoGerman Language and Literature and Latin Language and Literature.
He has been a general factotum with the ISS since the last century.
His main interests besides the Irish Seal Sanctuary are ornithology, genealogy, and Latin writers concerned with Ireland, Britain  and Germany and the Natural History of the Romans, in particular the works of Caesar, Tacitus and the Pliny family.

Patsy Peril, Retired Fisherman/Historian

Johnny Woodlock, Environmentalist/Fisheries Expert johnny-woodlock