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The following documentary videos about the Irish Seal Sanctuary’s work are highly recommended:

Lanugo: To mark 100 years of wildlife conservation and law: Protection of Grey Seal Act (1914), the grey seal as world’s first protected species and driver of modern conservation.  To honor those who set in train all that followed, Major Hesketh Pritchard, Sir Charles Lyell MP And Ray Lankester of the British Natural History Museum, to draw lessons today and recognise the growing role of wildlife rehabilitation and public/citizens engagement, here is Lanugo, the movie:

The following training videos are also available and useful:

  1. Catching a large seal
  2. Containers for Seal Transport
  3. Lamb Feeding Kit
  4. Making Fish Soup
  5. Muscle Injection
  6. Oral Fluids
  7. Playing Seals
  8. A Seal Release
  9. Dealing with an abscess
  10. How to Catch and Lift a Seal
  11. Seal Feeding